Fares & Passes

A CharlieCard is a durable plastic smart card containing a computer chip that electronically stores value and/or a pass. The CharlieCard is a “contactless” card that does not need to be inserted into a farebox or fare gate. It simple needs to be placed close to the CharlieCard target, which makes travel faster. For the MBTA Corporate Pass Program, CharlieCards are available for bus and LINK (bus/subway) monthly passes. CharlieCards can be re-used and reloaded automatically over time, thereby eliminating monthly pass distribution by company administrators.  (Return to top)

A CharlieTicket is a magnetically encoded paper ticket that contains either stored value or a pass. A stored value CharlieTicket will deduct your fare each time you ride the T. A CharlieTicket encoded with a pass allows for unlimited travel for a certain period of time, as stated on the pass. For the MBTA Online Pass Programs, CharlieTickets are available as monthly passes for Express Bus, Commuter Boat and Commuter Rail services. Company administrators must distribute CharlieTickets to participating employees each month.  (Return to top)

Employees simply provide the company administrator(s) with their respective individual need. Once established, employee orders can reoccur automatically unless employees provide administrator with any changes according to deadlines established by the company as needed (keeping in mind the monthly order cut-off date established by the MBTA).

For Administrators, once the respective corporate account is established, modifications to employees' orders as well as modification to billing and shipping information can be made as needed, keeping in mind the monthly order cut-off date. Administrators review and submit orders as needed prior to the monthly deadline date. If company has opted for payment by ACH, payment will be processed automatically for the appropriate order and fulfillment will occur beginning in and around the 20th of each month. If a company opts for payment by mailed check, payment will need to be received and processed before fulfillment will occur.  (Return to top)

The Administrator function is flexible based upon the needs of the company. Companies may select as many administrators, beyond the initial Super-user, as needed. Companies have the option of selecting from three layers of access rights when allowing other company staff the ability to visit the secure portion of the company’s Corporate Pass account:
1. Super-user: This level of access can perform any function on the site, including changing financial information, changing billing or shipping address information, or creating access rights for other company administrative staff.
2. Administrator: This level of access can place or make modifications to an order and register new employees, but cannot change banking or billing/shipping information.
3. Read access: This level of access can view the order but not make any modifications.

Please note: only the last four digits of your company's bank account number will be displayed, except when modified by a Super-user (and then only after successfully entering a secondary PIN).  (Return to top)

Orders may not be modified after the 15th of the month. Administrators will have the ability to add or delete cards from the 16th until the 27th of the month.  (Return to top)

Companies that have a supply of extra, unassigned CharlieCards which are subsequently lost or stolen should disable the card(s) online, in their account, thereby making it impossible to use on the system. Disabled cards will be terminated, thereby eliminating the cards from usage.  (Return to top)

The MBTA Corporate Pass Program is a pre-pay program where the orders of all transit products for each month are final. Returns of CharlieCards and / or CharlieTickets are not accepted for a credit.  (Return to top)

Companies should disable the malfunctioning card online, and if company has extra blank CharlieCards available, should assign a new CharlieCard and register the card under the employee's name online. If company does not have blank CharlieCards on hand, company can notify customer service to have a replacement card assigned and shipped immediately.  (Return to top)

If a company’s employee base is too large to enter manually, the MBTA Online Pass Programs is here to help. Please upload the file at PassProgram@mbta.com or email us the file at CorporateProgram@mbta.com (please include administrator contact information in the email in case of questions).  (Return to top)

Companies can easily verify assignment of CharlieCards to employees by simply going to the CharlieCard Management page. Companies will be able to view a full roster of assigned CharlieCards, and may utilize the search function at the top of the page.  (Return to top)

Simply go to the CharlieCard Management page. To search for a specific card or individual, please utilize the search function at the top of the page.  (Return to top)

Monthly passes can be automatically added to your employees’ cards each and every month utilizing the online MBTA Online Pass Programs. Employees who wish to add stored value (for example $20) or something that is not provided by the company for bus or subway services may do so at any MBTA sales device (vending machines, retail sales locations, MBTA sales offices, etc.) on the same CharlieCard individually. For Commuter Boat, Commuter Rail or Express Bus services, individuals will need to purchase separate Charlie Tickets from any MBTA sales devices until such time that those services are incorporated on the CharlieCard platform.  (Return to top)

The MBTA emphasizes and maintains a strict privacy policy. All information is secure, and will only be used to provide the service the company is requesting from the MBTA and the MBTA’s pass program service providers.  (Return to top)

The new, state-of-the-art MBTA Corporate Pass Program provides an electronic ordering, reporting and tracking platform (web order, electronic fulfillment, electronic payment) and automatic reloading of CharlieCards. The new program is much more flexible and dynamic than the previous program, providing more pass options to further assist companies with providing a transit benefit to all employees, including occasional transit users. Furthermore, the new program provides additional service options including the replacement of lost or stolen CharlieCards and utilization reporting for CharlieCard recipients which can be used to meet the State of Massachusetts Auto Insurance discount requirement. The MBTA is proud to offer a dedicated MBTA Corporate Pass Program toll-free number at 888-844-0353 to answer any company or individual questions and concerns.  (Return to top)

Checks should be made payable to MBTA Corporate Pass Program.
Please mail to the following address:
MBTA Online Pass Programs
PO Box 847467
Boston, MA 02284-7467
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Monthly LinkPass (CharlieCard)
Companies will distribute to employees once – the card can be renewed each month
*Can use this for the Local Bus, Subway, Inner Harbor Ferries, and Express Bus
*Can NOT be used for Zone 1A Commuter Rail
Plastic Card – Good for three years

Zone 1A (CharlieTicket)
Companies will need to distribute this each month
*Can use this for the Local Bus, Subway, Inner Harbor Ferries
*Can NOT be used for the Express Bus
Paper Ticket – Good for one month
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Please have customer email the request to: PassProgram@mbta.com and include the following information so that we may contact you directly:
Customer Name
Company Name
Phone Numbers
Email (if different than the senders email)  (Return to top)